Firefox Tweak: Autohide Bookmark Menubar

To minimize the amount of chrome in Firefox, I wanted to find a way to autohide the bookmark menubar. I had found a couple userChrome.css tweaks, but they caused the rendered page to shift when the bookmark menubar was shown or hidden. I created the following modified version to eliminate the shifting. The tweak causes the bookmark menubar to fade in and out when the mouse hovers over the top navigation area.

Location, Location, Location

A common practice on the iOS store is for developers/publishers to drop the price of their applications to free for a short period. They do this to drive up the number of downloads of the application, which raises the application’s position in the app store. The position and placement within the store is a key factor in generating sales. It goes with the saying in real estate, “There are three things that matter in property: location, location, location.”, the same holds true with the app store.

State of Mobile Hardware

Bottom Line: The mobile hardware market is evolving in rapid iterations, with the releases between major device generations shrinking to under 12 months windows. This state of change has created a volatile target for those publishing content directed for mobile consumption. Moving forward the pace of innovation does not look to be slowing down, particularly with the emergence of tablet devices into the mobile space. Take-Aways: Half of U.S. adults own either a smartphone or tablet device.

Simple Node.js + Redis Application - Part I (Setup)

I needed a server application to handle rating individual photos for a mobile application and to calculate the overall average rating of them. To handle this I decided to try and implement a simple node.js and redis server combination. This pairing seemed to be a good fit and it also gave me the excuse to learn something now. Conceptual Server Application Stack nginX - Revere-proxy node.js - Server application logic redis - Data persistence Development Environment OSX Node.js Setup NVM (Node Version Manager) Install and Setup NVM git clone git:// ~/.nvm ~/.nvm/ nvm install 0.10.12 # Add the following to you shell profile (.zshrc | .bashrc) .

Website Redesign - Setting up Octopress

Welcome to my new site, take two. After looking at what options were available for publishing small personal sites and blogs I liked what I was seeing with the concept of semi-static site generators. The first option I focused on was Jekyll. Jekyll is a Ruby based static site generator and has an active development community behind it. It is also being promoted by GitHub as a way to publish to their Pages service.